SPEED,is a non Governmental, non profitable & Non Political organization established on 11th October 2007 while registered in 2009. The Society for promotion of Education & Employment of Disabled persons came into being to eliminate the discrimination faced by disabled people and to promote equality of opportunity, when disabled people participate - as Citizens, Customers, & employees. SPEED is established with the motives to mobilize, motivate and organize communities. About 100 thousands plus people are suffering from disabilities at FATA Pakistan. SPEED is fighting for their existence. Presently about 1500 PWD's (Person with Disabilities) are registered with SPEED in FATA. The sheer magnitude of our goals needs large financial resources and effective institutional arrangements. The organization is having three functional offices with un-paid employees. SPEED main focus on:
  • Early Prevention & Rehabilitation of Special Persons
  • Capacity Building
  • Health & Charity.
  • Educating & Developing the Youth
  • Development of Community
  • Environment Protection & Conservationse


  • Special Person's Problems & awareness Survey Project in the Whole of FATA i.e. Upper FATA, Lower FATA & FR regions
  • Establishment of Special Education Centre for Handicap Children of FATA
  • Youth Leadership Training Project for Development of Youth especially for FATA Youth
  • Capacity Building of PWD's involved in Social development
  • Inclusive Education Project for Person with Disabilities (PWD's) of Minor Disability
  • Rehabilitation Centre for Physically Handicap Children at FATA i.e. Physiotherapy, & Psychotherapy, artificial Limbs, etc.
  • Small Grants Micro Financing & Micro Credit for Self-employment of PWD's.
  • Plantation for Green FATA Project & Awareness Campaign for Environmental Protection
  • Women Skills Development Program Project
  • Say No to Drugs Project
  • Water & Sanitation Project
  • Basic Education for Every One Project
  • Financial Aids & Scholarships for PWD's getting Higher Education Project
  • Establishment of Community Based Organizations CBO's
  • Health Hygiene awareness program


  • Poor economic condition
  • No Record of PWD's (statistics)
  • Geographically difficulties (Location disadvantage)
  • Limited government social Welfare facilities
  • Shortage of the income generating activities programmes
  • Security Threats & Terrorism
  • Mobility Problems
  • Social Adjustments
  • No Special Education Concept
  • Illiteracy about education & Inclusive Education


  • To Record all the data of PWD's (Persons with disabilities) at FATA areas.
  • To form a higher commission at National level to make effective plans for the welfare of the disabled and helpless people.
  • To empower and enable them by providing timely vocational trainings and other income generating opportunities.
  • To raise public awareness activities to protect and promote the rights and opportunities of the persons with disabilities PWD's.
  • To grant financial aid to the organizations that work for PWDs and helpless people
  • Small Grants Micro Financing & Micro Credit for Self-employment of PWD's. (Person's with disabilities)
  • To employ them in government offices.
  • To establish schools for the disabled and helpless children so that their parents can send them to schools
  • To create Awareness about Corporate Social Responsibility towards their community.


Welcome, welcome, welcome
Welcome to those who love
Welcome to those who care
Care and want to share
Our silence and our tears
Our dreams and our cheers
As we are special, as we are special
We want to grow
We want to glow,
We want to shine,
Shine so bright
We are the jewels
You are the jewelers
As we are special, as we are special
Let's join our hands together
To touch the sky and fly up high
As we are special, as we are special
Single hand can care only
Joined hands can support
Let's support special
Person with special care
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